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A little about me...

Alice Christine Walker (b. 1984) is a visual artist and photographer who can regularly be found behind a 1950’s Rolleiflex or in a vintage Fotoautomat.  Based in Portland, Oregon since 2008, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from the Metropolitan State University of Denver before settling in the Pacific Northwest.  Alice is known for her candid street photography, a collection of B&W and Color images shot on medium format film.  Her compelling work has won several awards and been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and online with magazines such as She Shoots Film and Analog Forever.  Images from her series “Nostalgia” have also been published in All About Photos, The Analog Club and received an Honorable Mention in Life Framer’s Series Award.  

Alice Christine Walker Havana Self Portrait
Alice Portrait Image.jpg

About my medium and community...

   I am involved deeply in the arts and analog photography scene in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  I am an original member of The Portland Darkroom, artist/owner of Blackfish Gallery and creator/host of The Artist Union: a critique group mentoring emerging analog photographers.  Professionally I am free lance photographer and a repair technician for the surviving chemical photo booths.  As a classically skilled darkroom photographer, I am drawn to the uniqueness of the analog photo booth as a self contained studio for its one of a kind silver gelatin prints.  I am inspired by the feminist self portraiture of Francesca Woodman and Nicki S. Lee as well as artists that have explored the photo booth as a medium such as Jared Bark and Lee Goldie.  I am passionate about all forms of photography and art, particularly gallery based installation.  My medium varies by project but includes digital, medium format, photo booth, video, Polaroid and mixed media installation.

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