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Defining “identity” is a universal human struggle.  While we are connected to family by blood, many people will go through life seeking out our chosen families.  Finding one’s ‘tribe’ or people of like minded values, interests and vernacular can bring a deeper sense of connection. This series, “Nostalgia” documents such a group: the Rockabillies.  People who have distilled the essence of the 1950’s down to its most iconic parts: pin up fashion, hot rod cars, surf rock music, casinos and easy living. 


Every year in Nevada, thousands of people flock from all over the world for a weekend filled with live music by the poolside, swimsuit contests, Jive dancing, burlesque and car shows. As I walked amidst the crowds, photographing with my 1950’s Rolleiflex, I found myself “part of” versus “separate to”.  I realized that “identity” is not a noun, it is a verb manifesting our desires into the real world to create a more profound meaning in our lives.

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