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Behind the Curtain

Harnessing the uniqueness of the analog photo booth as a self contained studio, Alice’s work tells stories through single photo booth images, photo booth strips and combinations of multiple photo strips that weave together a narrative.  Through the distinct ability of the photo booth to capture a sequence of time in four images, Alice discusses and examines themes such as identity, consumerism, emotional intelligence, sexism and mental health as influenced by her personal life. 

Her photo booth art additionally explores the historical significance of the photo booth as the original “selfie” and its metaphorical meaning as the chemically developed images are often flawed yet simultaneously whole and complete.  In her series “Portrait Parlé”, Alice delves into the origin of Alphonse Bertillon’s invention of the mug shot and the development of his anthropometric measurement system to document an individual’s identity.  She extends this exploration into present day, looking at how early photographic technology has morphed into the advent of surveillance and the legal privacy issues facing our society today.

Exhibition at Blackfish Gallery in Portland, Oregon USA

August 31- September 26, 2020

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