A little about me...

   I have been an analog photographer for over twenty years; the magic of the darkroom captured me from a young age.  A large collection of my work has always been self portraiture, however, since living abroad in my teens I have paired photography and travel as a way to bridge societal divides and explore the universal human spirit.  Despite language barriers, I have found so much can be conveyed with a smile and a gesture. 


My degree is in Human Development and I have an insatiable curiosity of psychology and sociology.  At the heart of my work is a deep reverence and respect for all people and their culture regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation and nationality. 

Alice Christine Walker Havana Self Portrait
Alice Portrait Image.jpg

About my medium and community...

   I am involved deeply in the arts and analog photography scene in the Pacific Northwest, USA.  I am an original member of The Portland Darkroom, a community darkroom that also does outreach and classes.  I am also an artist/owner of Blackfish Gallery, one of the nation's original artist owned coops which celebrating it's 44th year.  In addition, I host The Artist’s Union, a Portland based critique group and workshop that mentors up and coming queer analog photographers. 


I am passionate about all form of photography and art, particularly gallery based installation.  My medium varies by project but includes digital, medium format, photo booth, video, Polaroid and mixed media installation.